Why buy an ebike?

Why buy an ebike?

People are attracted to the best electric bikes for several reasons. They're used as an affordable way to get from point A to point B. They are used for fun bike rides around town and the country. They also get used for transporting light cargo and even though they are partially powered by a motor, people use them for exercise too. Issues of sustainability and the health of the environment also inform buying choices. E-bikes, and bicycles in general, are a great option for commuting in urban and suburban areas.

Most of the trips we take are of three miles or less, yet people use their cars for most of these short journeys. The best electric bikes are an easy, less expensive way to run errands, meet friends, or get daily exercise. Even so, less than two percent of these trips are made by bike. However, e-bike sales in the U.S. are growing as more consumers become aware of their benefits.

Benefits of Electric Bikes

• Get exercise -Yes, you do get help from a motor but that just gives you a push, you still need to use those leg muscles to keep your momentum going.

• Save money- The cost of maintenance at a bike shop versus car maintenance isn't even close. It's far cheaper to maintain an e-bike. And that's not even considering the price of fuel.

• Improve your commute -Lower the stress of your work commute and get fresh air while you do it.

• Help the environment -Leave the car in the garage and reduce your carbon footprint by e-biking.

• Reduce stress-Exercise is a great stress reducer and so is avoiding traffic jams.

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